Shower the people

This morning was absolutely beautiful, and gave us all a lift after yesterday’s drizzle! The sunshine stayed constant for most of the morning, but it grew duller towards midday. We didn’t get any drizzle today, instead we had torrential downpours! The rain started at about half past eleven, then all through the afternoon we were treated to periods of sunshine followed by severe rainfall. Every time it rained Maya immediately covered the chicks to keep them dry.

Maya in the rain

The two chicks are looking incredibly good. They are getting fed so much fish their growth rate will be rapid, and in a couple of weeks they’ll look so different to the way they do now. Time always flies when we have growing chicks on the nest, as they change day to day. Soon their down will disappear and their colour will darken until they look almost black. Then feather pins will begin to push their way through, dotting the chicks with pinpricks of beige. At the moment, the chicks are still cute bundles of brown down, their eye-masks already evident and a prominent white stripe down their backs helping to keep them camouflaged.

White stripe and eye mask visible

White stripe and eye mask visible


Here is some fish footage as evidence of just how much food these two are getting! This first one was last night at 18:30.

Food last night

This morning, 33’s first fish delivery occurred at 05:20. It was a small roach which was incredibly fresh, as it was still alive! When 33 let it go it began flapping around in the nest, and Maya had a couple of attempts at grabbing it before finally managing to hold it down!

33 flying in with roach at sunrise

33 flying in with roach at sunrise


Later in the morning, at 07:40, 33 delivered a much bigger fish. This one was a trout and it lasted almost all day! The chicks have had several feeds from this huge trout, 33 won’t need to catch another one until much later.

Big trout

More of the trout

As we saw yesterday, the larger of the chicks was getting adventurous and had managed to move almost to the edge of the nest. This is fairly unusual for a one-week-old chick. Today, the same chick was once again getting bold and here it is trying to shuffle towards Maya – it can’t quite make it out of the dip in the nest this time though!




3 responses to “Shower the people”

  1. Cirrus

    So good to see

  2. Suzie

    They are ridiculously cute! Kayleigh can we expect any more two year olds to come home or is it getting a little late in the year for that? I guess it’s no secret that I had hoped S3 might have made it back!

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      It’s not too late, some two-year-olds could still return.