Since you’ve been gone

It’s been a lovely day at Lyndon today, with a little bit of late summer sunshine – just what we need! This weather is perfect for migrating Ospreys, and we hope the elements are being kind to our satellite-tagged Osprey, 30(05), as she flies solidly southwards through northwest Africa. We are still waiting for the latest batch of data from 30’s transmitter, but we know she is making brilliant progress. Keep your eyes on the news as we follow 30’s remarkable journey to Senegal!

As Tim commented, it is strange to be at Lyndon with no Ospreys. They are the identity of this reserve, and a huge part of our lives for over five months, and it feels oddly empty without them. We go through these feelings every year – it never gets any easier! However, soon, the autumn and winter take on their typical regularity, and it becomes normal not to have Ospreys. Then we eagerly await the excitement of March and April 2016, when the adults are set to return!

The end of the season comes with the satisfaction of knowing it has been magnificent. Everything just went perfectly in Manton Bay – we are so immensely happy that Maya and 33 both returned this year and bred successfully. Last year emphasised the fact that we cannot take anything for granted. We hope you will fondly remember the great memories this season has provided. We will be uploading a highlights video in the near future, but until then you can always look back through the archive updates to re-read the blogs and re-watch the videos!

Whilst we might miss the Ospreys, others relish the fact that they have gone. This photo shows that it doesn’t take long for other lodgers to assume possession of the Osprey nest!

The Egyptian Geese wasted no time!

The Egyptian Geese wasted no time!


Despite the lack of Ospreys, the Lyndon Nature Reserve has a lot more to offer! At this time of year, Shallow Water hide is brilliant place to watch waders, particularly with the water levels being so low. The exposed mud and silt is a rich feeding ground for wading birds, and recent sightings include Wood Sandpiper, Spotted Redshank, Greenshank, Ruff and even a Great White Egret or two. Lyndon will remain open until Sunday 13th September. Come and enjoy what we have to offer while you can!

The season may be over, but this season deserves to be seen out in style. Therefore, on 18th September we are hosting a fundraising dinner to celebrate this year, and the 100th chick! By then, we will also be able to celebrate the safe arrival of the 100th chick’s Mum, 30(05), to her wintering grounds! There are still a few tickets available – click here for more details!