Site B Ringing

Yesterday afternoon we headed to Site B to ring 03(97) and his mate’s three chicks.

For 03 these were his 28th, 29th and 30th chicks! Who would have believed back in 1997  that a bird we brought down from Scotland as part of the original translocation program would go on to become such a key individual in the success of breeding Ospreys in the UK.

With the help Mark Ashman and his cherry picker we were able to quickly get up to the nest to bring the three chicks down in order to ring them.

So, hello to 4J, 5J and 6J. All were in excellent condition and from their size we think 4J and 5J are female and 6J a male.

From left to right 4J, 5J & 6J

2 responses to “Site B Ringing”

  1. Mike Simmonds

    Lizzie, they look in great shape. 1997 was the first year I helped on the project so they are even more special. As you say, whoever would have thought it!?.

  2. Rosie Shields

    What a success story! Congratulations to all involved (particularly 03(97).