Sitting down here

The domestic bliss in Manton Bay is easy to see. Now that they have the first egg, Maya and 33 are settling straight back into the routine of incubation, and of course 33 does more than his fair share, as usual! He is also living up to expectations regarding the provision of fish – this morning he delivered two to the nest in the space of two hours!

The first one was a whole fish that he brought straight to the nest at 06:22. Maya took the fish away to eat elsewhere, while 33 incubated. Only 20 minutes later she had finished and was back!


The second fish was much bigger and was delivered to the nest headless at 08:00. Again Maya took this to the perch to eat.

For some reason, an hour later Maya brought the fish back to the nest and ate the rest of it sitting on the edge, keeping her eye on the egg. When she first arrived back 33 tried to mate with her, eager for egg number two, but he didn’t quite get his landing right and slipped off her back.

33 leaving

Maya ate nearly all of the fish sitting on the side of the nest, and just left the tail. Not long after, 33 flew in with a little stick, spotted the tail-end and grabbed it.

33 has also been continuing to build up the interior of the nest with hay! It looks so snug in there, perfect for incubating the eggs, and ready to keep the tiny chicks comfortable when they arrive in about five and a half weeks.

33 with clump

There were a couple of intrusions today that temporarily disturbed the peace in the bay. At one point this morning there were two ospreys intruding at the same time, one of which you can see distantly in this video. None of the intruders came close to the nest, but they did get close to the hide, making viewing fantastic for the volunteers, visitors and a group of 27 enthusiastic children from Ketton Primary School!

Maya and 33 defended their nest admirably, and as soon as the danger was gone they settled back down and got back to the business of incubating their precious egg.

Egg number two could come along tomorrow!

In the sun Incubating in the sun