Skiing with sticks

Another great day for the Manton Bay Ospreys! Naturally, more nest building occurred today, and both 33(11) and Maya have been rearranging the nest material in preparation for eggs. Here are some brilliant photographs, taken by John Wright, of 33 bringing in yesterday’s stick additions!





We know that 33 is a prolific nest builder, and he is so enthusiastic that yesterday he brought in two at a time! It looks like he’s skiing!




33 went fishing today at about 13:30, and came back half an hour later with another massive trout. Luckily for me, I was in Waderscrape hide at the time, and was treated to a splendid view of 33 flying low to the water, carrying his enormous fish! He gracefully rose upwards and landed on the T-perch with his catch. Like yesterday’s, this one was also not quite dead…

33 with the fish

33 with the fish


Another half hour or so later, he brought the rest of the fish to the nest for Maya, who flew off to the T-perch with it. There was still a substantial portion left!

Maya flying off with the fish

Maya flying off with the fish


There was also some more mating happening! It’s all systems go here in Manton Bay!

We also have news of more Osprey arrivals – two more of our breeding birds returned last week – male 01(09) and a metal-ringed female from Argyll. This brings our total number of Ospreys in Rutland to 15! Of course, two of our females, 24(10) and 12(10), returned to the Cors Dyfi nest on 7th and 9th April respectively.

Today, we had some fantastic news, that one of our 2012 birds who we did not see here last season – female 5F(12) – has been spotted in North Wales! We hope she comes over here next!


6 responses to “Skiing with sticks”

  1. Anna Ström

    Love the updates! So nice to see that things are going great. Thank you all!

  2. Barbara Crowther

    Wopnderful blog Kayleigh with great photos and video clips as ever – so good to be able to catch on the day’s events!

    Is there any chance of sharing the arrival/first sighting dates of 01(09) and the Argyll female, as you say they arrived last week? That is brilliant news too! Great that so many have returned safely now. Would be great to know when they got back! Thanks!

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      Hi Barbara, many thanks! The female arrived on 7th April and 01(09) on 8th April.

  3. Bill Hunt

    More wonderful news from Manton bay. Thank you Kayleigh, your enthusiastic blogs are a joy to read 🙂

  4. Mike Nuttall

    Great pictures, looking forward to visiting again this year to see these fabulous birds 🙂

    I am a little confused though. When I click on the Webcam page I get a nice pop up explaining about the birds and telling me who sponsored the new wide angle webcam. But there doesn’t seem to be an actual link to the webcam?? Am I being a complete numpty??


    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      Hi Mike, the only thing I can think is you may need to refresh the page by pressing F5. If that doesn’t work let us know. Cheers, Kayleigh