Snow drifts and a cold wind

If you’ve been watching the Manton Bay webcam this weekend then you’ll know that the nest has been buffeted by a strong easterly wind. The female – who’s now been back three days – has spent much of the weekend on the nest facing into the wind which is blowing bitterly cold air straight from Siberia. Fishing hasn’t been easy for her, but she’s caught several good-sized trout since she returned.

Like much of central England Rutland is being badly affected by drifting snow and over the weekend the road to the Lyndon centre has been blocked by three-foot-deep drifts. They have now been cleared but ice on the hill means that the Visitor Centre will REMAIN CLOSED TODAY. We hope to re-open tomorrow, but watch this space.

In the meantime, keep watching the webcam. 5R(04) is now five days later than last year, but its hardly surprising. The snow and strong easterly wind, will be making the northward migration very difficult for all our birds. We know from satellite tracking studies that strong easterly winds can cause adult birds to get into trouble over the Bay of Biscay, so let’s hope that they have followed a more westerly course through France and into South-east England.

Watch out for an update from Site B later.