So long, farewell. Well, not for the Manton Bay family

All four of the Manton Bay family are present again today, but that’s not the case at all of the Rutland nests.

03(97)’s unringed mate at Site B left in early August, and now two of her offspring are on the move too. 1F and 2F must have set off on migration over the weekend, because neither bird has been seen since. As a result, its now not unusual for Site B to be devoid of Ospreys during the day. There is usually one juvenile who lingers longer than its siblings, though, and this year it is 3F. The young female (we initially thought she was a male – but are now confident she’s a female) continues to return to the nest each evening and, as you would expect of an experienced breeding Ospreys, 03(97) is still providing fish for her. Quite how long she will stay,we’re not sure, but with poor weather forecast for the next few days, she may remain into the early part of next week.

Elsewhere, 09(98)’s first-ever family have also set out on migration. Like the Site B youngsters, 0J and 0F departed over the weekend; and it’s amazing to think that they could already be in France. Before setting off on their first extremely hazardous flight south, the two Site N chicks paid a visit to Manton Bay. Here are a couple of photos taken by John Wright at the end of last week.

0J from Site N intruding at the Manton Bay nest

0F intruding at the Manton bay nest

With his two chicks and mate heading south (5N(04) also left at the weekend), 09 himself could leave any day. Thanks to his satellite transmitter we’ll be able to follow his 3000 mile flight to Senegal in incredible detail – and will be providing daily updates on his progress as he flies south. It will be really interesting to see how how this autumn’s journey compares to last year. One thing we can be sure of, is that he’ll be heading for the same stretch of Senegalese coastline as last winter.

Unlike their compatriots at Site B and Site N, the Manton Bay juveniles seem content to stay put for the time being. The two juveniles are providing great views for visitors to Waderscrape and Shallow Water hides at Lyndon at the moment. Here are a couple of photos of 9F playing in the wind earlier this week.

9F playing in the wind

…and enjoying the wind some more

We enjoyed some superb Osprey Cruises over the Birdfair weekend, and we still have some places left for the last cruise of the season, which takes place on Saturday. So if you fancy one last Osprey-fix this summer, you can book online here.