So-long, farewell…

As we approach Birdfair each year we begin to wonder at what point the first of the Ospreys will leave, well this year it seems that the female from Site B may have been the first of the Rutland Ospreys to set off on her long journey south.

Over the last few weeks the female has been seen less frequently around the nest; at times not being seen for up to two days. We haven’t seen her since Monday when John captured this picture of her on what we believe to be the start of her 3000 mile migration.

It’s not totally surprising that she has gone early given that the chicks hatched about a week earlier than at the rest of the Rutland nest sites.

Over the last couple of weeks all three of the Site B youngsters – 1F, 2F and 3F, have brought fish back to the nest themsleves and have been spending less and less time in and around the Site B area.
With the male and female Ospreys having such defined roles, now that the juvenilles from the Site B nest are much more independant and no longer depend on their mother to feed them, it may be that she knows her job is done.

So… the question we’re left asking oursleves is who will be next to go?

One response to “So-long, farewell…”

  1. Jenny Mosley

    Oh, how wonderful and how upseting, I really have a tear in my eye and feel so upset and worried that she may not get where she has to get to. May the Lord bless her and keep her safe and all the other ospreys leaving GB for Africa. We look forward to seeing them ALL next year.