So much for peace and quiet…

The relative peace in Manton Bay appears to have ceased! Another Osprey has been bothering the Manton Bay pair today – 51(11), a male bird who first returned to Rutland Water on 22 April. He has intruded once already this season, on 26 April, when he landed briefly on the nest. He was soon seen off by an angry Maya, and has not been seen in the Bay since. Until today!

51(11) has been sitting on the Heron Bay nest platform quite happily all morning. At one point both 33(11) and Maya chased him off together, forming a united front. 33 has been defending his territory very aggressively, and keeps on chasing 51 away from the platform. However, 51 just flies away then comes straight back again. Now where have we seen that happen before?

All this means there is lots of action in the Bay today, at least three Ospreys are visible from Waderscrape and Shallow Water hides, and earlier a volunteer spotted a fourth Osprey too!


51(11) when he landed on the nest on 26 April

51(11) when he landed on the nest on 26 April

33(11) on his nest. It's mine I tell you!

33(11) on his nest. It’s mine I tell you!



2 responses to “So much for peace and quiet…”

  1. Sheila FE

    Thanks for the update. I could see there had been an intruder or intruders around by the mantling being done by both Blue 33 and Maya. It is great to know who it is.

  2. Liz Livock

    Thanks for the update Kayleigh. He’s a fine looking osprey. Please tell him there’s an unattached feisty female at Dyfi – Blue 24. She’s a Rutland bird. They’d make a super pair! 🙂