So you’re leaving in the morning

Well it’s certainly been a great bank holiday weekend! Our final osprey cruise on Saturday was a success, the weather has been wonderful and so many people have visited the Lyndon Centre to catch what may be their last glimpse of the Manton Bay ospreys this year.

This weekend’s sightings may well be the last we have of Maya. She was present in the bay with 33 all day on Saturday, however, we believe that she set off on her migration on Sunday morning, as she left the bay at 11:30 and has not returned since. Last season Maya didn’t leave until 6th September, so we thought she may stay a while longer! 33 is still here though, catching fish and seeing off intruders!

33 mantling over a fish

33 mantling over a fish


Here is Maya’s last appearance on the Manton Bay nest, yesterday morning.

Maya's last appearance on the nest

Maya’s last appearance on the nest in 2017


We can only wonder where Maya is right now, but there is a Rutland osprey who’s location we do know! 30(05) is our satellite-tagged osprey, and she also set off on her migration yesterday!

She left fairly early yesterday morning, and by 12:00 she was already in Hampshire. She crossed the channel at Christchurch (east of Bournemouth and west of the Isle of Wight) just after 1pm, and made landfall in Cherbourg in France at 4pm. Her final data point is at 5pm, just east of Créances. The total distance she travelled yesterday was 245 miles / 395 km.

As she’s only just set off we don’t have much data just yet, but we receive it every few days and will keep you updated as and when we have more information. Exciting times!

30's journey yesterday

30’s journey 27th August


I wonder whether 30(05) will have arrived at her wintering grounds by the time we have our end of season celebration? It would be amazing if she arrived on her beach in Senegal on the day of our special celebratory party, which is 12 days away. 30’s fastest migration was 11 days, so it’s possible!

Our end of year celebration is on Friday 8th September, and we’ve planned a fun-filled evening of dancing to music by the Navigation Band, socialising at the beautiful village hall in Manton village, drinking local ales provided by Patricia Clarke, and gorging on a superb all-you-can-eat hog roast provided by the Roasting Pig Co.

We also have a raffle with some excellent prizes, including the following (pictured) plus a session in the hide at the River Gwash Trout Farm next year (!), and many more gems!


We look forward to celebrating with our loyal supporters!

Click here to book tickets, there are not many left!




3 responses to “So you’re leaving in the morning”

  1. Valerie

    Thank you Rutland for a wonderful season , wishing all your ospreys a safe migration and may they all return next year and the chicks in years to come .

  2. christine haines

    God speed Maya, keep safe, and hope 33, will be joining you soon on your long journey, and that your chicks are also so safe. God Bless too you all safe journeys.xxxx

  3. Carole and Martyn

    Thank you for the tickets for your end of year celebration party.
    We are really looking forward to a night of dancing and fun.