Some good news at last

08 remains absent from the Site N nest and, having been missing for more than a week, we are now certain that he will not return. In his absence we have continued to provide fish for 5N, who has eagerly accepted our offerings. She has continued to incubate the eggs and we are hopeful that at least one may still hatch. We now have a licence from Natural England to intervene if we consider it appropriate and will be reporting more in the next few days.

Meanwhile invesigations into 08’s disappearance continue. We hope that the large amount of publicity the story has received over the past few days will promt someone with information to come forward. If you do have any information that you think may help please either phone Leicestershire police on 0116 2222222 or the project team on 01572 737378.

Amidst all this, we do have some very good news to report. Yesterday evening and then again this morning an Osprey intruded at the Manton Bay nest. This morning volunteer Linda Jones managed to confirm its identity as 01(09) – a male who fledged from the Site B nest in 2009.  This is fantastic news and yet again demonstrates the importance of the Site B nest to the Osprey population in Rutland. 01’s return means that the two chicks to fledge from Site B two years ago have both returned. I wonder how many of the other seven chicks who fledged from Rutland nests in 2009 will return this summer? Whatever the case, 01’s return is a real boost after a very sad and worrying week for everyone involved in the project. The photo below shows 01 making his first flight at Site B in July 2009.

01 lifting off in 2009

01 preparing for his first flight from the Site B nest in July 2009

And of course the good news hopefully won’t stop there. Today is day 35 of incubation at the Manton Bay nest. Keep watching the webcam for signs of hatching. Rest assured we will be doing the same here (and keeping everything crossed)!

Finally I would like to thank everyone for the huge number of messages we have received over the past few days. It is wonderful to know that Ospreys and other birds of prey in the UK have so much support – thank you to you all.

8 responses to “Some good news at last”

  1. Liz May, Canada

    Wonderful news team. After a sad week for all of us who love the ospreys, this is so good to hear. Am watching & waiting for all the new arrivals at Manton Bay, Loch of the Lowes & Loch Garten who saw the arrival of their first last night. Keep up the great work that you do. Best wishes from Canada

  2. Regina Sachs

    We were devastated upon hearing the news from the nest as we are regular visitors to Lyndon. We so hope that there may yet be a live chick.

  3. Jane Osborne

    Hello all at Rutland Osprey site. I have been following the sad news at the loss of the male Osprey. I hope that events get more positive in the future. Well done to all who make is possible for the birds to breed and I hope no more tragic events happen.
    Kind regards to all

  4. lin, rutland

    would just like to say a big thank you to wildlife website and Cory for this ‘oh so important’ coverage and, of course, Tim and the Team

  5. Amelia Lees

    So nice to hear some good news to end such an awful week. Just keeping fingers crossed that there will be some additions to the Dyfi Ospreys in the not too distant future

  6. Barbara Dunbebin

    Do so hope that at least one of the eggs will hatch,and pleased to hear that 5N is being so well cared for.

  7. Pixi07

    I’m apalled that in this day and age someone could do such a thing to an Osprey or any living creature. I am so pleased that you have the good news to counteract the bad that one of the 2009 chicks has returned.
    Every best wish for the rest of this season and always

  8. Tony Carpenter

    Let’s hope that any chicks produced by 5N can in some way be reared successfully.
    Should those responsible for the disappearance of 08 ever be found,I trust they would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,(obviously this to include the revocation of any gun licence/permit. Even the loss of a few koi-carp can not not justify the killing of such a magnificent bird.