Something fishy

Wow, what a glorious day it has been! Instead of having to cover the chicks to keep them dry during the rain, Maya has had to shade them with her shadow today to keep them cool. Over the past few days 33 has once again been raiding a stash of roach in the reservoir. Monday morning’s was arguably the largest – as you can see from the video below, it was a bit of a whopper!

Whopping fish

33 delivered the fish at 07:52, and Maya immediately fed some of it to the chicks. As it was so big they didn’t eat very much, and 33 came back for it at 08:16.


Later that same day he brought another rather large roach!

33 with big fish

Huge again

Yesterday morning, 33 brought in a lovely roach at 10:52. It didn’t all go to plan though! As it wasn’t quite dead, when he landed on the nest and let go of it, it managed to flap itself off the nest before Maya could grab it, and Maya and 33 just gazed bemusedly after it!

Seven minutes later, 33 appeared to spot something in the water and he took off the nest, then 13 seconds later he arrived back with a wriggling roach! We think it must be the same one that fell off the nest. 33 must have somehow injured it, making it unable to make a getaway.

33 with roach

Later in the evening 33 brought yet another roach in.

After seven feed

Today has not seen a lack of fish, either. At 12:46 33 delivered a live roach to the nest, which jumped about a bit before being grabbed by Maya.

33 with live one

Then at 14:28 he delivered a rather large pike. The chicks didn’t really seem that interested in it though. Perhaps they have had so much fish recently they just weren’t hungry! However, during the afternoon both of them had several short feeds from it.

There is certainly no food shortage for these two chicks, who are clearly thriving. Just look at how much the older one has changed since the weekend, and how much the smaller one has grown!

Pals So big!




3 responses to “Something fishy”

  1. Julie Mayne

    Thank you so much Kayleigh for your excellent and informing updates. It’s so amazing to have this insight into the lives of our Manton Bay ospreys and to see how both chicks are thriving so well with all of 33’s fish deliveries. As for his sticks … is he trying to build a skyscraper?

  2. Bill Hunt

    The big question has to be….HOW did 33 carry it? What a provider he is! And tonight it’s great to see the chicks have moved into full view. I just love seeing all the action and reading the blogs. It’s easy to see how 33 and Maya could raise 4 chicks…such a shame we didn’t see it all happen. Even so, the privilege of watching this beautiful family is a real treat. Thank you for bringing it all into the public domain.

  3. Andy, London

    Fabulous, great comic moment of the lost fish, “What? Really?” and then top marks to 33 for the swift recapture. Super stuff, thanks for the update!