Soon I will be gone

Today’s weather is certainly an improvement on the last couple of days! Who knew the sun shone in summer?! Luckily for those on last night’s osprey cruise, the weather cleared up shortly before sailing and it didn’t rain all evening. It was a bit windy, but that didn’t stop everyone enjoying the sight of an osprey sitting on the limnological tower (again!) and the incredible spectacle of an osprey diving from a height, crashing into the water and coming out with a great big trout!

Osprey with fish (JW)

Osprey with fish (JW)


There is only one osprey cruise left with availability this season – Saturday 26th August. Click here for tickets!

This morning saw an influx of ospreys in Manton Bay – there was a riot of activity when seven ospreys were seen in the bay all at once! One of the “intruding” birds was definitely 1J, the four-year-old male who fledged from Manton Bay in 2013. We know this as he landed on the nest again, as he did on 31st July. Here he is on the nest, where he stayed for around two minutes.

1J on the nest

1J on the nest

1J again

Despite the rain, there has still been lots of osprey action in the bay in recent days. Plenty of fish have been delivered to the nest for 2AM, who is getting stronger and more confident by the day, and will soon be thinking about heading south. On Tuesday it was like Christmas for him, as Maya delivered a fish to the nest, then immediately after she had flown off, 33 delivered another one! 2AM didn’t know what to do!

A very fresh pike was brought in by 33 this morning, and it jumped around in the nest before 2AM managed to get hold of it.

Here is 33 bringing in that nice bit of green turf adorning the nest!

There has still been no sign of 2AN around the area, and we now don’t expect to see her return. We think it’s likely that 2AN has migrated, as she has always been a strong, bold individual who matured rapidly. She had been on the wing for almost four weeks before her disappearance, and was demonstrating behaviour that indicated her readiness to go. After finding out that Roy Dennis has seen some juveniles migrate just three weeks after fledging, we are even more hopeful that this is what 2AN has done.

Should we hear anything about her whereabouts we’ll be sure to shout about it immediately!

2AN at sunrise, 13th July

2AN at sunrise, 13th July


Some of the other ospreys from around the area have now set off on their migrations, so the end of the season is drawing near. It’s been a wonderful season, with eight breeding pairs, 16 chicks hatching and being ringed, and 15 making it to fledging. In addition to the breeding birds there were also eight non-breeding ospreys in the area, and we know of four two-year-olds returning for the first time – two to Rutland, one to Poole and one was seen in the Netherlands!

We are celebrating the season and raising vital funds for the project whilst having a good time on Friday 8th September in Manton Village Hall, where we are holding a barn dance! It promises to be a fun filled evening, with an all-you-can-eat hog roast included in the price of £20, a raffle with amazing prizes and a bar on site.

We only have a limited amount of tickets, so please click here to buy yours now!