The following companies, individuals and businesses have kindly agreed to sponsor a table at our Osprey Ball. We’re very grateful for all the support that we get from our corporate supporters: you can read more about them here!

iepuk-new-colour-rgbIEPUK are proud to be supporting the Osprey Project with their first Osprey Ball. IEPUK provide opportunities for individuals from all around the world to come to the UK for practical work experience within the land based sector. IEPUK is a not for profit educational organisation working to better the lives of individuals and communities. Our Investing in Communities Scheme is an initiative to directly support those from developing nations by providing the avenue for these individuals to experience the ways a world leading country operates in the land based sector. This experience gives them the knowledge to return home to invest their new skills, not to mention the finances they save while in the UK, to provide themselves, their family and their local communities a better way of life. IEPUK is not just facilitating this opportunity for individuals but also donates 1p in every £1 towards the Osprey Project in order to support their activities on the ground in Africa to help to educated tomorrows generations. These opportunities are not just for individual to come to the UK but for all those wanting to gain experience worldwide through our international exchange programmes.




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