Spreading their wings

For young Ospreys the post-fledging period is a very important time. It is now that they’re starting to explore away from their nests and learn about where they’re from. Their exploratory flights around Rutland will not only help them to build confidence on the wing, but also to learn about the local area. This information will be vital if they are to return in a couple of years’ time. We know that the juveniles are starting to venture quite long distances from their own nests, because today one of the Site B juveniles, 1F, flew past the Lyndon Visitor Centre, towards Manton Bay. Last year 5R and his mate allowed a juvenile from Site B to spend an entire afternoon in Manton Bay, but there was no such hospitality today. The female immediately took off to chase the young intruder away. He’ll know not to venture down into the bay again!

8F and 9F watching their mother chase the Site B juvenile away from Manton Bay