Spring at Last!

Yesterday was a wonderful day for the Rutland Ospreys, the sunrise was truly spectacular and set the feeling for the rest of the day. We were treated with blue sky and warm sunshine all day, I even managed to grab 10 minuets at lunch to sit in the sun and enjoy the weather, during this time not only did I top-up on some well needed vitamin D, but I also got a great wildlife hit, with my first chiffchaff singing away and also quite a few butterflies to keep an eye on, finally it felt like spring!

In Manton Bay it was very much the same with both birds enjoying the sunshine, Maya and 33 are still sharing much of the incubation and so far we have had no sign of the 4th egg, but its still too early to call. 

33 the perfect modern gentleman has been keeping busy with the house work, he had brought in plenty of sticks, although he did require a little help from Maya after throwing some dried mud on himself. 

Later in the day 33 went fishing, he flew off over the water and returned only a little while later with a fish. After he enjoyed the head by himself on the perch he did a quick swap with Maya, allowing her to enjoy the fish and of course doing his favorite activity, incubating.  

Today the weather has been cloudy with only a hint of the sunshine we enjoyed yesterday, lets hope the summer is filled with more days like yesterday, especially if we do get another egg in the nest tonight! 

One response to “Spring at Last!”

  1. BillHunt53

    Great to see all is going well at Manton Bay, It’s always a privilege to be able to watch as the nest is rebuilt and the eggs arrive. All I need now is a dose of patience until they hatch. Thank you for he blogs!