Steadier on their feet

If you’ve been watching the webcam today, you’ll probably have noticed that the Manton Bay chicks are getting much steadier on their feet. Whereas a couple of weeks ago they could only shuffle around the nest, they are now much stronger and are able to move around a lot more freely. This is particularly noticeable in today’s video which shows one of the chicks backing towards the edge of the nest. Fortunately it stopped just in time!

As Michelle reported yesterday, we have now confirmed the identity of the latest returning two-year-old bird. 25(10) spent much of yesterday morning on Lagoon 4 at Egleton, where John Wright was able to take this photo, clearly showing her blue ring on her right leg.

25(10) on Lagoon 4 at Egleton

It is really encouraging that six of the twelve chicks who fledged from nests in the Rutland area in 2010 have now returned to the UK. These young birds are likely to explore over a very large area over the next few months – so if you live anywhere in southern Britain, make sure you check any Ospreys you see for colour rings. It could well be one from Rutland Water!