Steady progress

30(05) continues to wing her way northwards, on a long journey that will lead her back to the place she calls home. Thankfully she managed to right her course after being blown too far west. As of yesterday afternoon, she is still in the Western Sahara, making her way towards Morocco.

On 15th March 30 travelled 210km (130 miles), and the next day she travelled a further 301km (187 miles). This shows us that she isn’t making progress particularly quickly. Yesterday, her average speed was 21kph (13mph). However, she has had to contend with a bit of a headwind, as there have been some strong north-easterly winds which she is having to battle her way through.

Consequently, she is slightly behind where she was on this day last Spring. However, it’s not a race and she knows perfectly well what she is doing. This is 30’s 9th migration north! As long as she gets back safely it does not matter how long it takes her to do it.

30's next few days

30 is back on track after being blown west

30's view through the Western Sahara

30’s view through the Western Sahara

We should receive more data from 30’s tracker tomorrow, and we will keep you updated with her progress. We will also update you with news of the migrations of the other WOW Ospreys soon!

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3 responses to “Steady progress”

  1. Pete

    A remarkable achievement by 03(97) – 32 chicks to date bringing Rutland’s total to 87. Will we the 100th chick this year?

  2. Suzie

    Thanks again Kayleigh!

  3. Pete

    Sorry, posted in wrong place.