Step by step

Today we received the data for the last two days of 30’s migration – she’s now in central Spain! She continued flying directly south when she set off from her roost site in northwest France at 6am on Wednesday, and by 2pm was passing over Bordeaux. She then followed the coastline along the edge of the Bay of Biscay, and entered Spain in the northeast corner. After entering Spain, she continued to travel in a southwesterly direction, and last night she roosted near a small river, just 3km / 2 miles south of Burguillos de Toledo, 77km / 48 miles south of Madrid.

Over the past two days, 31st August and 1st September, 30 covered 960km / 596 miles, so since leaving Rutland on 30th August, she has travelled a total distance of 1480 km / 919 miles! It won’t take her long to get there at this rate! The images below show her position as of 8pm on 1st September.

1st Sept postion 1st Sept roost site

30 will now be on her way towards Morocco! Both last year and the year before she crossed the Strait of Gibraltar slightly east of Gibraltar itself, making landfall just south of Ceuta, so it’s very likely she will do the same thing again. We will see in a day or so!

Follow her on our interactive map!




3 responses to “Step by step”

  1. Jenny Still

    Fantastic tracking. Let’s hope the weather stays good for her.

  2. Rose Givens

    Fantastic to have all this information. Unbelievable the distance that is covered in such a short time.

  3. Mrs l Selby

    Whow we are living near poole harbour and in the last four days have had 4 osprey feeding up on flounder and mullet we think 2 have now left for Africa but should have more arrivals in the next two weeks or so.What a marvelous job you are doing and all the other osprey trackers keep up the good work. Ps how many birds do you track.