Stick around for more..

In the nest this morning, Maya is sitting quietly incubating her 4 eggs and peacefully watching the day unfold. She is soon unintentionally divebombed by her husband bringing in a huge stick to add to the nest. She flies off a couple of seconds later leaving him to tidy up the mess and take over incubation for a little while!

4 responses to “Stick around for more..”

  1. Bill Hunt

    Some ospreys just don’t know how to stop looking for sticks! But seriously, I just think 33 is amazing, so intent on doing the best job of being a dad! Always trying to improve the family home…..and we can all be confident that there will be a constant flow of fish for his family. Can’t wait to see the little “bandits” hatch and develop into the beautiful birds that ospreys are.

  2. Wendy Lewis Sheehan

    What has happened to our satellite tagged ospreys? I have been looking at the tracking map but there is no really recent info. Have they been seen yet – are they even back in the UK?

    Are most of our ospreys back now? I hope they are all well and that the breeding pairs are all laying their eggs.

    Thanks for any updates on all our beautiful birds.


  3. Lynne there a problem with the camera this morning?