Stick around!

Now the chicks are much bigger there is less room in the nest for all 5 of them. Here is a lovely video of the Manton Bay Ospreys as 5R delivered a fish to the nest this afternoon.

Both at Manton Bay and Site B the female Ospreys have been gathering lots of nesting material. With space becoming limited in the nests, they are perhaps converting the ‘playpen’ nest into a launch pad in preparation for the chicks’ first attempts at lifting off the nest in their ‘helicoptering’ phase.

John was in Shallow Water hide on Thursday when he saw the Manton Bay female bring in two enormous sticks.

The first about 5 ft long and the second an even longer 7 ft!

Manton Bay female bringing in the first stick

Once the stick arrived in the nest we could clearly see it on the webcam.

The stick in the nest.

As she brought the second stick onto the nest she caught the end of it and for a moment was precariously balanced on top of it. After hovering for a short while she let go of the stick and it fell into the water below.

The second big stick


Going, going…