Sticks and stones

Wow, what a busy bank holiday Monday we have had! The ospreys have been busy entertaining the almost 300 people who visited the Lyndon reserve, as they always do! 33’s best stick of the bank holiday weekend was actually yesterday, when he brought in a large, bent one. He delivered it like a pole vaulter, and daintily stepped off the end. The stick would not be moved, though, despite 33’s attempts – it kept sliding back towards him and almost hitting him in the face!

So the stick was left where it was, which was right over Maya’s back! She tried to move it whilst incubating a couple of times, which unfortunately were futile attempts.

The stick stayed in that awkward position for almost three hours, before Maya eventually managed to move it out of the way!

33 pole vaulting

Yesterday’s fish took its time in coming, and 33 eventually delivered a nice big one to the nest at 20:02. Strangely, it took Maya a long time to go and take the fish. She stood up immediately, but didn’t go straight towards 33 and the fish as she usually does. This seemed odd as there had not been a fish delivery all day, and we thought she’d be hungry!

Maya with fish

Today, 33 has delivered several sticks and clumps of hay to the nest, as usual. None of the sticks were quite as huge and awkward as yesterday’s – he’s keeping it to what he can manage now!


Incoming stick

Yet another stick

There was also a fish delivery, a roach, today at 12:52. Maya seemed to appreciate this more than the sticks 33 had brought in!

Little fish

The weather was a bit suspect at times today, here we can see the rain over Lax Hill! Luckily, we missed out on most of that at Lyndon, and it has been a fairly nice day.

Rain over Lax Hill




One response to “Sticks and stones”

  1. Mike Simmonds

    Great stuff Kayleigh!. That boy is a real comedian when it comes to sticks!