Sticky business

There hasn’t been much on the fish front today – 33 has been more interested in bringing sticks! He has been on a stick mission today, bringing in at least four that we’ve managed to capture!

33 flying in with tiny stick


Stick again

One of 33’s stick deliveries earned him another peck from 2AN! She’s a bold young lady and this time seemed to lunge straight for 33’s throat!

2AN goes for the throat!

The lack of fish isn’t a problem – the juveniles don’t have quite so much growing to do now, so don’t need to eat so much. They are just about seven weeks old and are almost fully-grown. Osprey chicks have an awful lot of growing to do in the first seven weeks of their lives, and the amount of fish 33 has been providing dictates how much they need to keep them strong, healthy and growing at a rapid rate. They will still be fed by both parents (Maya usually begins fishing again after they have fledged) until they migrate, which will be towards the end of August.

They still need energy though to be able to exercise their wings in preparation for their first flight! Both juveniles have been flapping a lot again today, seemingly becoming more confident and almost ready to take that leap. It shouldn’t be long, at least not for 2AN!


2AN flaps

There were a couple of intrusions today that broke the peace, at about 13:45 an osprey was seen flying low over the bay. Maya had been on the French perch and dropped straight onto the nest, mantling and calling. 33 must have been absent, probably collecting another stick, as he is usually the one to get upset first. In the video below you can just see a distant black blob moving across from right to left. The intruder wasn’t around long, and didn’t come any closer to the nest.

The next one was at 14:23, and this time it was 33 who appeared on the nest. Again you can see the intruder coming from the distance. 33 got very panicky, was shouting loudly and got very low down in the nest. Like the earlier intruder, this one moved away fairly quickly. The juveniles didn’t seem bothered, and didn’t even lie flat in the nest as is their instinct when danger is around!

And then there was a fish! At 16:40 33 caught a lovely large trout and delivered it to the nest still kicking. 2AN made a grab for it, but then both her and 2AM stepped back and allowed Maya to feed it to them!

Maya fed them!

What a couple of beauties!




One response to “Sticky business”

  1. Julie Mayne

    Excellent videos & pictures as always. Thank you so much for the great commentary. What a privilege to observe the osprey family so closely. 33 continues to be a legend with his sticks and 2AN is such a feisty girl! Looking forward to 2AM & 2AN helicoptering very soon!