Sticky situation

This morning, yesterday’s rain seemed a distant memory, as the day dawned bright and clear. It’s been lovely and sunny, albeit a little bit breezy, and both Maya and 33 have been present in Manton Bay for most of the day. A fish was brought in fairly early in the morning, caught by 33, who ate half and passed the rest to Maya. Last season he did a fabulous job of feeding her and the chicks, and it would seem he’s going to be just as efficient this year! It has looked rather windy up there on the nest at times today, but the ospreys are used to this, and they have both appeared content on their nest and in each other’s company.

The pair looking content

The pair looking content


Both Maya and 33 have been bringing in nest material today, mostly sticks. 33 likes large sticks, as you may remember from last year! He had a couple of amusing incidents with his sticks today, the funniest of which was when he attempted to land with a rather long, bent one… see the video below!

33 landing with the bendy stick...

33 landing with the bent stick…

...and sitting on it

…and sitting on it


Maya tried to move this stick while 33 was still sitting on it, to no avail of course, then later he fell off it!

33 falling off the stick

33 falling off the stick


Here he is attempting to move another slightly awkward stick across the nest.

33 with a stick

Stick getting stuck


There have been a couple of osprey intrusions over the bay today, but none threatened the nest itself. Overall, it has been a beautiful day, during which our many visitors (and also the staff!) have been entertained by the Manton Bay pair’s antics on and around the nest site.

Some of our visitors today were recently signed up “Osprey Ambassadors” from local schools, here to learn more about the ospreys. This scheme is one of many run by our Education Team, find out more about it by clicking here!

Here are some photographs of the Osprey Ambassadors at Lyndon, taken by Pete Murray.


Ambassadors form Catmose College (Oakham) and Casterton Primary School at Lyndon Visitor Centre


Ken and Jackie in Waderscrape hide


Osprey watching!


The Lyndon Centre is open every day from 9am-5pm, and the ospreys will be with us until the end of August. We expect eggs in early April, and chicks in late May! It’s always worth a visit – click here for details of the reserve.

Maya flying in

Maya flying in



4 responses to “Sticky situation”

  1. Bill Hunt

    Was it just a stick? Or maybe 33 went fishing and brought back a perch! Either way it’s good for a laugh….. Great to see the nest building going so well.

  2. Bruce Allison

    I joined the Wildlife Trust at Lyndon last year and live on the SE side of Oakham about 1.5 miles from the lagoons which are just within view of our house. This morning at 08.20 I believe I saw an osprey over my house flying over fields and apparently heading straight towards the western end of the lake and the NW lagoons. Do you have a record of a new arrival from Africa this morning please?

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      We now have around a dozen birds back, and they will all be actively fishing and nest building around the reserve and the reservoir.

  3. Sandra Evans

    Enjoyed our first visit of the season today. Brilliant to see Maya and 33 so content and busy with their nest building. Looking forward to the season ahead and expecting to lose too much time glued to the webcam!

    Great to see the young Osprey Ambassadors getting involved, even in their school holidays. Good Luck with your presentations!