Still settled in Senegal

As I mentioned yesterday, the weather this autumn has, for the most part, been lovely! Now that the clocks have gone back, the nights are noticeably and inevitably drawing in. Winter is coming, and the temperatures will soon begin to drop. Whilst we wrap up warm in our thick coats, scarves and gloves, we can think of our satellite-tagged Osprey, 30(05), who has no such weather-related issues! She does not have to counter the cold, and continues to laze about in Senegal, soaking up the sun on the beach. Oddly, according to the data, she did take a 36 mile round-trip into the desert and back on 12th October, for no apparent reason.

30 jolly 12th Oct

30’s trip on 12th October


Since then, however, 30 has remained in her usual spot and has not ventured anywhere else but out to sea to fish!

30 usual spot

30 remains in her favourite spot


This is exactly the behaviour we would expect from a wintering Osprey. 30 is clearly in her element, and will remain in the same spot in Senegal, until her instinct to come home dictates that she must leave her winter haven. We are very privileged to be able to track the location and movements of 30(05), and look forward with anticipation to following her return journey next spring! For now, though, we can be happy in the knowledge that she is doing just fine and enjoying her relaxing winter months.

The team were on the beach just after 9am on Tuesday

30(05)’s beach, photo by John Wright

Breakfast on the beach

Breakfast on the beach, photo by John Wright