Still standing

Maya and 33 are both still with us at the time of writing! Visitors have been treated to excellent views of them flying around the bay, and of 33 catching fish. The adult birds spent today and yesterday hanging around in the bay, keeping themselves occupied. Both of them appear to have reverted back to spring, in terms of their behaviour – 33 has been bringing new sticks to the nest and rearranging materials, and Maya has stopped fishing for herself, which she began to do again after the chicks fledged, and she has started sitting on the nest calling for food!

We don’t know how long this wonderful pair will stay with us in Manton Bay, but we hope they will remain for the rest of bank holiday weekend at least! Come and see them while you still can!





2 responses to “Still standing”

  1. Christine

    Thank you for all you do for these wonderful birds. I was new to this site and came in late so I missed alot; however I hope to catch Maya and 33 in 2017. I would also like to say thank you for the wealth of information and updates that your organization provides regarding these beautiful Ospreys. I really learned alot.

    Thank you again

  2. David

    Maya! Were you thinking you deserved a reward for being such a good mother?