Still together

Yesterday was a day full of fish, which won’t surprise anyone who knows 33! This was the scene that greeted us when we first put the camera on in the morning:

The scene on the nest this morning!

The first one had been brought in at 05:44, a nice early trout. 2AN was there to grab onto it first, of course!

When 2AN had had her fill, 2AM got to have a bit. The fish was so large that there was still a lot left over after both juveniles had finished with it.

2AM feed

While there was still a partly eaten fish on the nest, at 08:12 33 brought in another one! Nobody wanted this though, as they still hadn’t finished the old one, so for a large portion of the day it sat on the nest uneaten.

Fish 0812

Here is Maya flying off with the first trout of the morning, leaving the other one untouched.

The next fish came in at 19:55, and it looked like a tench, which 33 caught a lot of a few years ago. We can only assume that, as tench are a deep water fish, 33 found some in a shallow pool. 2AN was on the nest waiting as 33 flew in, and as soon as he landed she was onto the fish like a shot. Only she misjudged and grabbed hold of 33’s foot instead! You can see her pulling on his ankle in the video below, while poor 33 fights to maintain his balance. Then, as 2AM flies in to have a look, we see the not-dead fish try to make its escape, before 2AN manages to grab hold of it.

Tench 1955

Here is the sunrise this morning. What a beautiful sight, with the gorgeous 2AN perched nobly on the nest.

Beautiful sunrise

Since they were about four weeks old, the young ospreys have been interested in absolutely everything, nibbling at nest material and attempting to move sticks around the nest. Today, 33 brought a stick to the nest, and 2AM watched him as he placed it and then did some rearranging. Perhaps the young male was watching and learning, as he then had a go!

33 stick

2AM stick

Getting into the swing of nest maintenance, here we have 2AM moving a piece of dried cow pat, which, perhaps oddly, appear to be one of Maya’s favourite nest decorations.


Juvenile ospreys are often full of character and mischief, and 2AN is no different! This morning she landed on the small camera and seemed very interested in the view from there, including the lens of the larger camera above her!


2AN's tail

2AN’s tail


Part of last night’s fish was still on the nest this morning, and here we have Maya feeding some of it to 2AM. Such a lazy boy!

2AM being fed

There have been a few intrusions around the Manton Bay nest in recent days, which still cause a bit of a stir! We believe the intruders to be one or two of the unattached male ospreys we have around. 33 and Maya both continue to fly to the nest and defend it vigorously whenever another osprey flies by. This is their instinct, but it’s quite amusing considering the chicks are not on it anymore, and are sitting around the bay perched up watching the proceedings. Of course, the adult ospreys are still strongly territorial when it comes to their nest, so they still want to protect it to prevent being ousted by another osprey.





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  1. Andy, London

    2AN looks like a reporter about to make a broadcast in that shot, would be great desktop wallpaper but everyone would say it had been photoshopped. 33 must be getting used to having his leg mistaken for fish, I think it must have happened every year 🙂

    Great update most appreciated.