Stuck on you

We have news of 30(05) – as Kayleigh predicted she has bypassed the Bay of Biscay and instead is heading north along the coast. This makes sense, as weather conditions in Europe have not been on the side of our migrating ospreys, so by steering clear of an almost 300-mile stretch of open water, 30(05) has been able to avoid being caught out by unfavorable winds whilst out at sea.

30(05) is avoiding crossing the Bay of Biscay

30(05) is avoiding crossing the Bay of Biscay

30(05) traveled 131 miles on March 24th, and we last received data for her at 2pm on March 25th (yesterday), a very quiet day for 30(05), as she had only travelled just over 3 miles. We think she is most likely having a rest after battling the inclement weather, which is not unusual for ospreys on migration. When we zoomed in on the map to get a closer look at 30(05)’s resting location, we could see she had spent most of the day on the 25th flying around the grounds of a private French chateau, most probably stopping to fish in the ornamental lake!

Weather conditions are due to get better soon so we hope to see 30(05) back at Rutland early in the upcoming week – we will keep you updated with news of her progress.

Meanwhile at Manton Bay, Maya and 33 have been very busy adding to their nest, and can regularly be spotted from Waderscrape hide bringing in nesting material. This has made for some quite comical viewing, especially when 33 is involved – he is quite the clumsy homemaker!

This afternoon Maya caught her tail feathers on the huge stick 33 bought in early this morning – luckily she easily slipped out of this sticky situation and regained her composure.

33 can often be seen bringing in sticks and spending quite a while positioning them, only for Maya to rearrange them more neatly when she has the nest to herself. She doesn’t always wait though, and at about 7.20am this morning we saw quite an entertaining ‘tug-of-war’ between the two of them.

Maya and 33 have also been busy mating – infact, from the evening of the 24th until the evening of the 25th, 33 made 16 attempts! Many of these looked to be successful so it shouldn’t be long before Maya is incubating eggs.

Finally, those of you keeping an eye on the webcam may have noticed an intruder yesterday morning, when for a moment there were 3 ospreys on the nest. This was 25(10) – a breeding bird from an off site nest. Whilst 25(10) already has a partner back at her own established nest site, she doesn’t seem to be able to resist a visit to Manton Bay – this is the third year in a row she has stopped by. Find clips of her previous visits here and here – will this be the last we see of 25(10) this season?

2 responses to “Stuck on you”

  1. Ruth Barnes

    Fantastic film from Manton bay.
    Will pray for good weather for 30, glad she is having a luxury break at a French chateau. I keep hoping to find an Osprey at my lake.
    Many thanks to you all for keeping us updated on all these wonderful birds

  2. David

    The fact that they can build anything with just beak and talons is a wonder to me!