Summer adventures…

This summer four two-year old Ospreys returned to Rutland Water for the very first time. In a previous post Tim explained how these young birds spend much of their first summer exploring. After their initial return we rarely saw them at Rutland Water until later in the season and we didn’t see 06(09) for nearly six weeks while he was enjoying some time away in Hampshire.

Edward Butler, a Hampshire resident, regularly spent time watching 06 at Fishlake Meadows and was able to record some fantastic footage of the juvenile. This gives us an idea of what he got up to during his time away from Rutland Water.

“Fishlake Meadows really is a wonderful site for ospreys, despite little management for the area as it is not even a nature reserve. Despite being little more than a 1-2 feet deep in most places there is a remarkable number of fish, presumably originating from the River Test. We have had Ospreys present this year during April, May, June, July, August and September, a full 6 months of the year.”

Thank you very much Edward for providing us with this video. Fishlake Meadows is closer to Rutland Water than Cors Dyfi where 03(08) bred for the first time this year. So if a Rutland bird can end up in Wales, then there is every chance that one may set up territory in Hampshire. It will be interesting to see if Fishlake Meadows will be visited by 06 again next year.

One response to “Summer adventures…”

  1. Lynda Berry

    Edward, Thank you so much for letting us know what 06 has been up to. As a volunteer, and I think I speak for many, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to know that one of our birds is being observed, or more to the point, watched over. We worry about all of them, and so many times we don’t know what happens to them. I know from your report and photos that you enjoyed watching 06 – we all wondered where he had disappeared to after his initial return. You have made a great number of people, including the Osprey Project Team, very happy. Thank you once again.