Summer of love

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s quite sad at this time of year with no Ospreys. However, what we can do is look back at the season and remember it fondly! After the unfortunate events in Manton Bay last year, we are thrilled that chicks were raised successfully on the Lyndon Nature Reserve once again – 33 did an absolutely superb job of raising chicks for the first time, alongside Manton Bay’s experienced female, Maya, who was again able to do what comes naturally – and she does it very well! Maya has now raised 14 chicks in total over her five years of breeding. The antics of her most recent brood have been immensely entertaining, and S1, S2 and S3 gripped the hearts of many.

With this in mind, and as I promised yesterday, we have created a video of the Manton Bay 2015 highlights! We picked out some of the best bits of footage that we’ve recorded throughout the season, from the return of Maya and 33 on 6th April, to the antics of the juveniles after they fledged! The video is accompanied by subtitles, to narrate the story of the season. If you visited the Osprey Stand at Birdfair, or have visited the Lyndon Centre in the past few days, you may have already seen this film. If so, we hope you enjoy watching it again, and if not, here it is!

Don’t forget, the Lyndon Visitor Centre will remain open until Sunday 13th September, so there is still time to visit us to chat about Ospreys and see the other delights that the reserve has to offer.

You can join us to celebrate the success of the 2015 season at our Osprey Fundraising Dinner and Dance. Click here for more details! 


3 responses to “Summer of love”

  1. Helen Hall

    Thank you all so much for the brilliant photos and updates and for this special video which had me laughing especially 33 foot, the heron and the Egyptian goose

  2. Shelagh Maitland

    thank you so much for the little video A very successful season for Rutland. Fair winds to the family and hope to see 33 and Maya next season

  3. Jenfeathers

    What a lovely film, was very touching and made me laugh when they had a tiff and fell over backwards. That Egyptian Goose was a bit aggressive, chasing the osprey.