Summer rain

What an incredibly wet day! The poor ospreys have been huddled up against the rain for most of the day, with Maya doing her absolute best to keep the chicks dry. Now that they are four weeks old they are big, strong, healthy and almost fully feathered, therefore it will not hurt them to be in the rain for a day. They are able to stay warm themselves, aided by all of the fish 33 is bringing in!

Covering the chicks (1)Wet chicks

Wet chicks feedingFeeding

We know that from Waderscrape hide you are treated to a wide array of wildlife; ospreys, water voles, sedge warblers, reed buntings, kestrels, buzzards, barn owls, and once or twice a peregrine and some otters! The list goes on, and now there is another species to add to it! Over the past few days a cuckoo has been spending some time flitting between the bushes and reeds in front of the hide! Volunteers and visitors alike have been enchanted by this lovely bird, and Jan Warren took these excellent photographs. Thanks Jan for letting us share these.

DSC06493DSC06496DSC06490 DSC06488DSC06482