Summer school – ‘Reserve Expert’ day!

Over the past two days at the Lyndon Centre our education team from the Rutland Osprey Project have been running a summer school encouraging children to become a ‘Reserve Expert’.
There have been two days full of activities for 8 – 12 and 12 – 16 year olds, generously funded by the Cameron Bespolka Trust, a charity set up to inspire young people to love and appreciate the natural world and so by experiencing the outdoors first hand, they can connect with nature and make a difference to our planet.
Each day has been packed full of activities, from birdringing, where goldcrests, whitethroats, garden warblers, blackcaps, great tits, blackbird and robin were seen.

A walk down to Waderscrape hide afforded wonderful views of the resident ospreys and the four chicks who have all now fledged, but could all be seen around the nest site, each child excitedly filling in their copies of their book ‘Be an Osprey Expert’ and compiling their birdlists.

In teal hide – the reserve’s hub for educational work – the children enjoyed dissecting owl pellets and having lessons on bird identification using visual and sound characteristics.

As children filed home. the visitor centre was filled with the excited buzz of a day filled with fun!