Summertime in bloom

It has been a lovely sunny day today, the perfect day for a walk on the Lyndon Nature Reserve. My colleague Paul Stammers and I had to go down to Waderscrape Hide today, to fix the mobility scooter which had been abandoned down there with a flat tyre. As we wandered down, we marvelled at the beauty of this reserve, and the visionary delight that are our wild flower meadows. They really are stunning! Full of Meadow Buttercup, Red Clover, Cow Parsley and Common Sorrel, along with various grasses, such as Crested Dog’s Tail, Yorkshire Fog and Cock’s-foot, with a few Common-Spotted Orchids thrown into the mix! It’s such a beautiful sight! In the sunshine, butterflies such as Orange-Tip, Small Tortoiseshell, Green-veined White, Brimstone and many more can be seen fluttering between the blooms, and also Chimney Sweepers, a dainty little black day-flying moth with white wing-tips.

One of the wildflower meadows

One of the wildflower meadows, by Paul Stammers

Common-Spotted Orchid

Common-Spotted Orchid, by Paul Stammers


We replaced the tyre on the buggy, and whilst we were down there we cut back all the nettles in front of the hide to make it easier to see into the scrape, where the Water Voles are commonly seen. We also had a look at what the Ospreys were doing, which was sitting together on the T-perch, looking content. Jobs done, we took turns to ride the buggy back!

For the past few days, the Manton Bay pair have been relaxing around the Bay, occasionally on the nest but more often on nearby perches. They spend a lot of time sitting together, which is lovely to see, and proves they have a strong bond. The pair are continuing to mate, and 33(11) is catching fish consistently. Not as many sticks have been brought to the nest recently, 33(11) must be fairly happy the nest is complete!

Due to the fact that the Ospreys are not spending much time on the nest itself, we’re not getting as many video recordings! However, below are a few videos and photographs of the Manton Bay pair over the last couple of days.

Maya on the nest

Maya on the nest

Maya on the nest (1)

Maya watching 33(11) approaching


33(11) on the nest

33(11) on the nest

33(11) incubating nothing again

33(11) incubating nothing again


Both Ospreys on the nest (2)

Maya and 33(11) on the nest together

Both Ospreys on the nest (1)

Both Ospreys on the nest (3)

Both Ospreys on the nest (4)



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  1. Patricia Selman

    Lovely to see them getting on so well and am happy that dear Maya didn’t have to spend the season alone