Sunday morning photos

On Sunday morning John spent some time in Manton Bay watching as 1J & 3J practiced their wing flapping.

1J and 3J flapping in unison

3J flapping

Over the last day or so all three of the youngsters have been strengthening their wings and gearing up for their first flights.

The Manton Bay female kept herself busy away from the nest collecting sticks and other nest material.

Female with stick

Manton Bay female bringing a stick into Manton Bay

2 responses to “Sunday morning photos”

  1. lorraine robinson

    Watching these enchanting ospreys from eggs to hatching, from small defenceless scraps to handsome young birds, they become more a delight to watch with every passing day; their parents are amazing examples to all us humans, we could surely take a leaf out of their books with their dogged determination to nurture and protect their young. And to all the staff and volunteers, keep up the brilliant work you do.

  2. Rosie Shields

    That’s not a stick – it’s half a tree! Hopefully, none of the repairs to the nest will get in thevway of the camera, like happened at Dyfi.