Sunny skies

What a beautiful day it has been to start off the Easter break! It’s been wonderfully sunny all day, with that lovely sweet smell of spring in the air. Maya was present in the bay most of the day, bringing in sticks and just sitting sunning herself! Luckily, she spent most of her time on the nest itself, which is great for visitors in the centre seeing her on the large screen, and of course for webcam watchers.


The wide angle camera is wonderful for getting footage of the ospreys flying in to the nest, here is a video of Maya bringing in a stick. We’r not sure why the picture goes fuzzy after she lands!



She also did a bit more scraping, getting the nest ready for eggs! We hope that the egg cup ends up in the centre of the nest, so that when we zoom the camera in we’ll get fantastic close-up views of the eggs and chicks!

30(05) update

The data from 30’s satellite transmitter tells us that she is still in France as of the evening of 24th March. She is currently spending time at some fishing ponds, just 75 miles south of Calais. This is the very same place where she spent some time during last spring’s migration! In the map below, the red line is this year, and the green one is 2015.

Stopped same place as 2015!

30's latest position

30’s latest position


We will keep you updated with news when we receive more data from 30’s tracker.



One response to “Sunny skies”

  1. Bill Hunt

    Here we go again…..Osprey season is well and truly upon us. The anticipation of what’s to come, the hopes of what we will see. I can’t wait!