Sunny Spring and Panting Ospreys

It’s finally here! The sky is clear, the temperature hot and sun is out. Hopefully, the ospreys are starting to dry out and enjoy the British weather.  This is the first time this year I have seen the ospreys panting, so it must be hot! As they can’t sweat like we do ospreys pant to keep cool in a similar way to dogs.


The past few days have been quiet in Manton Bay with the pair sharing the incubation, some of the time! The best moment so far has been when 33 decided the best way to get Maya off the nest was to push her off the eggs. This ensured that he got his turn at incubation. 


Over the past few days we have also had a few intrusions in the bay, this has mainly been from other ospreys. unfortunately, they are not sticking around long enough for us to get a good identification on them, but at least we know there are plenty of osprey in the area.


The pair are also giving us some lovely images of the eggs and themselves on the nest. 

We also have some beautiful pictures from George Lambert who joined us last week as a work experience student. Here’s a short blog from his time with us:  

I am George, I study Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University in Cornwall. I have been doing work experience at Rutland water for the week having 2 days at the Lyndon centre and 3 at the Volunteer training Centre.

The weather today still a little flat and misty, though it is decent Osprey viewing weather. I this morning watched the Ospreys from both the Waderscrape and Shallow water hides, with the better photographic opportunities being from the Shallow water hide. Whilst I was sat watching them, the Osprey nest was very active with the birds flying off to go and collect nesting materials like fairly big sticks, this happened quite a few times just whilst I was watching.

Also whilst sat watching the Ospreys I saw a few other bird species such as Egyptian geese, Crested Grebes, Tufted ducks, Swans, Cormorants and a Great Northern Diver. This was my first ever sighting of a Great Northern Diver which I saw from straight in front of the Waderscrape hide.


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  1. Valerie

    The official name is gular fluttering – love those words 🙂