Sunshine on my shoulders

It has been such a glorious spring day! Out of the wind the temperature increased significantly, with the heat of the April sun packing a punch. The Lyndon Centre and Reserve was visited by over 200 people today, making the most of the weather and the guaranteed views of ospreys you can get from Waderscrape hide!


33 with a stick (JW)

Lovely sunny day

Lovely sunny day


It’s not only ospreys that can be seen from Waderscrape, either – the scrape and channels in front of the hide are home to several water voles! Water voles are notoriously elusive, but, with a bit of luck and patience, can be seen from Waderscrape hide fairly often. These photographs were taken by volunteer Mick Spencer on his osprey monitoring shift last week.

Water vole, Mick Spencer Water vole 2, Mick Spencer

The Manton Bay pair are settling well into their incubation routine. They look very relaxed and at ease, and seemed to enjoy soaking up the sun today! During the morning, 33 brought in a huge fish which he caught from the nature reserve. As usual, he ate his share first then delivered the rest to Maya. As we’ve come to expect, 33 did more incubation than just his required stint while Maya eats. He was the one incubating for most of the morning, and the pair swapped incubation duties regularly, whether there was fish or not!






Incubation lasts around five and a half weeks, which seems like an awfully long time to wait! However, time flies, and it’s already been two weeks since the first egg was laid. This means there is only another three and a half weeks before we would expect the first hatching to happen!

We are really looking forward to the day the first chick hatches, and we’re also looking forward to the end of May, when osprey cruises begin! We love these cruises, run in partnership with the wonderful Rutland Belle, and last year was the best ever year for sightings and witnessing ospreys fishing. As well as getting brilliant views of ospreys and other wildlife, the cruises are a great way to see the reservoir from a different perspective. Our first osprey cruise of 2016 takes place on Saturday 28th May, beginning at 4:30pm. Last season, the first cruise was one of the best! Click here for more details on that!

Click here for more information about our first osprey cruise of 2016.

Rutland BelleNormanton Church (PS)

28 in flight, showing his upturned right wing (JW)

We get some superb close-up views of ospreys on cruises (JW)



2 responses to “Sunshine on my shoulders”

  1. Kathy Etheridge

    Hi, please can you tell me is 03/97 back this year yet???
    I haven’t seen any mention of him, i just have to know!
    I fear the worst! ?

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      No, 03(97) has not returned yet, and it is looking unlikely he will now.