It’s been gloriously sunny in Manton Bay today and out of the wind it’s been a beautiful day. For our visitors venturing down to the hide, and for the ospreys of course, getting out of the wind hasn’t been easy and it has made it bitterly cold.

For most of the day 5R has been sat on the grassy bank the other side of Manton Bay whilst the female has braved it on the nest, surrounded by water resembling a choppy North Sea rather than an inland reservoir

At 3.30pm, after an age of food begging from the Manton Bay female, 5R bought a fish into the nest for her. They’ve had another small fish as well earlier today, 5R is living up to his reputation as a fisherman extraordinaire managing to catch two fish on such a rough day.

The feeders have been buzzing with activity from our smaller avian residents with yellowhammers, chaffinches, goldfinches, greenfinches, robins, reedbunting, tree sparrows, great tits, blue tits, dunnocks and particularly noticeable was the stunning, and usually unappreciated, iridescent head of a male mallard.

The kestrels have also been on show from the Lyndon Visitor Centre windows, sitting amongst the trees and eyeing up the nest box where they will hopefully return to raise a brood again this summer.