Take it easy

It has been balmy, bright and beautiful today, but the day dawned rather misty, unlike the bright sunrise of yesterday!


The first fish of the day came in the light, at 05:37. It was a rather large one, minus its head! On rewinding through to last night, we realised this fish had been on the nest all night, and was the leftovers from yesterday’s last one, which had been delivered at 21:04. 33 had collected this fish from the nest at 04:41 this morning, then brought it back again an hour later.

Later on, Maya brought in a bit of greenery, possibly as decoration, then went to feed the chicks some more of the fish. The older chick was more interested in the leaves, though! “Can I eat these, Mum?”

33 made us laugh this morning as his instincts seemed to go wonky – he came to the nest and was poking about in the hay, then all of a sudden got down on his chest and started nest scraping!

After this, he sat down in the nest as though incubating! We’ve seen him do this before, and believe that he must just enjoy sitting down in the nest, taking it easy. He did this numerous times today!

33 sitting

About an hour and a half later, 33 sat down in the nest again. While he was sitting the second time, Maya landed on him with a clump of hay!

33 sits again 1140

33 sits third time

33 snoozing

In the afternoon, 33 eventually took a break from taking a break and went to catch a fish. The fish was delivered at 15:50, and it was actually the first he caught today, as last night’s huge roach kept them going throughout most of the day.

33 and fishEating

Overall the ospreys have had a fairly lazy day, but who can blame them in this lovely sunny weather! There’s no point expending energy when unnecessary, and these birds clearly know this. What a lovely picture below, with the larger chick’s head just poking up above the sticks in front of 33 and Maya.