Take the weather with you

Ah June, the first hints of summer as suncream flies off the shelves, barbeque tongs go out of stock and it rains fairly consistently for the whole month. 

This week has really been no exception! Our volunteer team who are responsible for monitoring the Ospreys from Waderscrape hide have reported tales of very soggy ospreys out in manton bay, but still managing to keep the chicks nice and dry. Although Maya is really having to stretch out her wings to keep all of the chicks partially covered! 

33 has been off the nest frequently, fishing as best as he can in the poor visibility. With the sideways rain and wind, seeing the fish swimming in the water is a challenge, even for a top predator like the Osprey. However he is still managing to provide for his brood and the chicks have their feathers coming through thick and fast, so will be able to manage the elements. 

With any luck we will see blue skies again this week, and hopefully more Ospreys will be flying around for our cruise on Saturday evening!

3 responses to “Take the weather with you”

  1. Lynda Smith

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the blog updates. We’ve been checking in on Maya and her little family, have worried about the smallest chick but they’re all doing so well! Although with the heavy persistent rain we were worrying again yesterday and throughout the night. Having the blog updates really helps to know more than what you can see on the webcam at times. Can’t wait to see them fledge!

    Lynda Smith

  2. Linda Smith

    Been worried about them all. They look so wet poor things. I keep checking on them. Come on rain STOP!! Please..

  3. Lin

    Ab fab to get these updates as Lynda mentions above. Have been really worried that their feathers would not be enough to keep out the cold, penetrating winds. Thank you Marie for putting my mind at rest