Taking it easy

Almost a month ago, our satellite-tagged Osprey, 30(05), arrived at her wintering site in West Africa. She made the journey in record time this autumn, arriving in Senegal on 10th September, just 11 days after leaving Rutland Water! Click here for more details of her journey.

Ospreys always return to the same site every winter, and have their own wintering territory. We know from previous years that 30 over-winters on the Senegalese coast, near Diourmel, mid-way between Dakar and St Louis. Since arriving there this year, she has spent most of her time in the same spot, only venturing out to sea to fish. She doesn’t need to travel far – her longest fishing foray was one mile!

30 spends most of her time in the same spot on the coast

30 spends most of her time in the same spot on the coast


Ospreys have a fairly easy life during the winter months, having no responsibilities, just the need to eat once a day. 30 has five more months of relaxation to enjoy before she returns to Rutland next spring. During that time, it is unlikely she will move much more than she already has!

30(05) perched on the coastal woodland

30(05) perched in the coastal woodland, photo by John Wright


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  1. Wendy

    Thanks for the update, Kayleigh. It is good to know 30 is safe and well.