Taking turns

What a beautiful few days it has been! The ospreys have drifted lazily through each day, sitting resolutely on their eggs, eating fish and collecting a stick here and there. They are incredibly nest proud, as we know, and take their time to ensure each stick is placed just so. The soft hay they have been bringing in has helped make the middle of the nest very comfortable and cozy, too.

They are very good at swapping over and sharing out the tedious task of incubating. Though it can’t be a bad job when the sun is out and you have a lovely view as they do!


33 makes us laugh with his eagerness to incubate. He has been known to physically push Maya to get her off the eggs, and even to sit on her back! Yesterday he brought in a stick, then just stood on the nest, waiting. Maya was food begging, but he took no notice, and in the second video below he sticks to his guns and hangs around long enough to get what he wanted!

There have not been many intrusions around the nest site recently, as most of the ospreys we would expect to have returned are back and settling down to breed, but today something upset the Manton Bay pair, as you can see below. It turned out to be another osprey flying over the nest. It could have been any one of the several non-breeding birds we know are around. The intruder was soon seen off, and the eggs were immediately incubated again.

Peace restored

Peace restored



2 responses to “Taking turns”

  1. Joan corby

    So interesting and endearing. Magnificent

  2. Rachel Doverty

    I am a Rutland Osprey Ambassador and I love watching the web cam!
    It is so amazing to see these beautiful birds on our doorstep!!