Tea for three!

Anyone looking at the weather outside will know straight away that Wimbledon is on! I’m sure the Ospreys in Manton Bay sometimes wish they had a retractable roof…

A soggy nest

5R spent most of the day staying out of the rain but, after an afternoon of noisy hints from the female, he returned to the nest just after 4pm with a huge pike. As soon as it was delivered, the three chicks got in line and waited for their fair share.

It took the female and all three chicks 50 minutes to finish their substantial meal and it wasn’t long before the largest chick, female 3J, was putting all that energy to good use…

The countdown to fledging has begun!

One response to “Tea for three!”

  1. Rosie Shields

    12(10)at Dyfi has just become a mother. First of 2 eggs hatched