Tea for Two

If you’ve been watching the webcam over the last few days you’ll know what an exciting weekend it’s been. Paul and I had no idea what to expect when we walked in to the Lyndon Centre this morning. Would the third chick have hatched? Given the quick succession of the first two chicks the third one could hatch any day now. Just as we arrived shortly after 8am, 5R dropped in to the nest with a fish and straight away the female started feeding the two hungry chicks.

The chicks spent most of the day keeping warm and were treated to another fish later in the afternoon. The Manton Bay pair have certainly adopted their roles as parents very quickly, hardly surprising as this is now their fourth year breeding together. The third chick could start hatching at any moment so keep your eyes on the webcam over the next few days!

2 responses to “Tea for Two”


    How cute are those two little beauties! It’s great to see them doing well so far!

  2. Sue Doran

    They’ve having lunch as I’m typing, they look so strong. It’s touching to see how delicately and gently mum feeds them.