Teetering on the brink – and lots of fish

Its been a beautiful day in Rutland today and 5R has taken full advantage. He caught five fish before midday, including two roach in Manton Bay itself. At times the views of him from Shallow Water and Waderscrape hides were spectacular. Here’s some footage filmed by Cat Barlow of 5R fishing directly in front of Shallow Water.

Even when the birds are on the nest, the views from the two hides are superb. Over the weekend volunteer Dave Cole filmed the nest with some new camera equipment and we think his footage is superb. Here’s a clip showing the female feeding the chicks.

If you’ve been watching the webcam today then you’ll know that the three chicks have been very active. At one point one of the older youngsters got dangerously close to the edge of the nest. It probably looks worse on camera than it actually was – but for a moment we were concerned it may topple in, especially when it flapped its ‘wings’! It is actually really encouraging that the chicks are taking an interest in the outside world from such an early stage – it shows they are developing very well. Hardly surprising given the amount of fish they are getting from 5R. As I write he has just delivered fish number 6 to the nest!

What are you looking at? One of the chicks taking an interest in the camera earlier today – or was it because Mum was sitting on the perch just above?