That’s my fish

As you’ll know if you visited Lyndon over the Birdfair weekend, all four of the Manton Bay Osprey family are still present at the nest. Now is a really important time for the juveniles; they need as much fish as possible to ensure that they’re in good condition for their first migration to West Africa. Instinctively, the birds themselves know this, and this explains the incessant food-begging that can be heard in Manton Bay whenever the juveniles are present.

This morning, the adult female delivered a large trout to the nest which 9F eagerly snatched off her. The young female then mantled over the fish to make sure 8F didn’t come in and pinch it from her. With a 3000 mile journey ahead, now is not the time to share fish with your brother. As the video below shows, 9F is now a strong, powerful Osprey – it hardly seems possible that just a few weeks ago we had to rescue her after her traumatic first flight.

2 responses to “That’s my fish”

  1. Mary

    Can she fish for herself yet. Good to see her get an attitude

    1. Tim

      Hi Mary, we haven’t seen either of the juveniles catch fish yet – and we often don’t before they set out on migration.