That’s my foot!

I was greeted by an empty nest this morning, which is good news as it means that T6 must be feeling better. She was flying around quite merrily today, going from perch to perch. She also spent a lot of time away from the nest yesterday afternoon. This bodes very well for a speedy recovery! The other two juveniles, T7 and T8, are beginning to spend more time away from Manton Bay altogether, and venture further afield. This is due to their growing sense of independence and confidence. It could mean that we stand a chance of seeing a Manton Bay juvenile on one of our osprey cruises!

The nest remained empty for most of the day, but there was a flurry of activity on it at four o’clock when 33 delivered a big roach. T7 and T8 were waiting there, calling loudly, and when 33 landed they both dived straight at his feet, trying to get to the fish first. T7 grabbed the fish, and T8 grabbed 33’s foot! Poor 33 – he soon flew off when T8 let him go!

33 being pulled

This happened last season on 6th August, when S2 made the same mistake and pulled 33 halfway across the nest by his foot!




3 responses to “That’s my foot!”

  1. David

    Too funny!

  2. Andy

    When the juveniles take a dip, they do a shimmy to throw off the water a few seconds after take-off, but I can’t remember an adult bird doing this after fishing, say. Is this because their adult feathers have better water resistance? Super vid with this from Saturday coming up, btw, t’was in my YT list this morning – they like a splash, don’t they?

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      No, adult birds shake off the water droplets after bathing and fishing too.