The boys are back in town

As we know from 30(05)‘s problems, the weather has been holding up the Ospreys this year. Slowly, however, they are returning to us, and our Rutland Osprey total is now ten birds! As of yesterday afternoon, two more male Ospreys have returned to Rutland – 11(10) and 03(09) – both breeding males from last season.

Whilst to begin with this year we were seeing an abundance of females, we now have five females and five males. There are three pairs reunited who bred last year, who are all happily starting to settle in for the season ahead. The other four birds are either waiting for their respective partners, or they didn’t have one last year. There is the clear potential for these birds to pair up if the opportunity presents itself. We are all hoping that a pair will breed in Manton Bay! However, 28 is not holding territory here. If, or hopefully when, 33(11) returns, he will be likely to do so.

We are still expecting more Ospreys to arrive over the coming days. Last year we had twenty adult Ospreys in total returning, twelve of whom paired up, ten of whom successfully raised chicks. The other eight birds toured the area but didn’t breed. Well 28(10) nearly did! This year, when more of our birds return, the chances of some of last year’s non-breeders having a chance to breed is high. We could also see some new birds back!

It’s exciting times at Rutland Water! Keep your eyes on the website and webcam for more news and hopefully some action!

28 was in Manton Bay on 29th and 30th March

28 was in Manton Bay on 29th and 30th March



11 responses to “The boys are back in town”

  1. Suzie

    Thanks for the info. Kayleigh! Its really good to know how things were last year and to have so many updates on this year’s arrivals!

  2. Pete

    Thanks Kayleigh. Which two males arrived yesterday?

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      Hi Pete, that information has now been added to the update

  3. Jane Allport

    Wonderful news Kayleigh – our hearts are easing although we still hope for ”favourites” to return both here, Dyfi , and Scotlans

  4. Chocoholix

    And the song titles are back in the blog titles too! Nice one, Kayleigh!!! Great blogging as ever

  5. Jackie

    Excellent news

  6. Celia

    An Osprey visited Ravensthorpe Rezzy (Northants) on Friday, and this morning 1 was over Welford Rezzy (Northants – close by) Don’t know of any numbers though

  7. Clive hawker

    Hi kayleigh it’s great to have some ospreys back at least the geese our making good use of the nest now that they have a egg it will make it interesting when the oppress decide to use it.Any idea what will happen?.It would be nice to get your thoughts on the situation.

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      Hi Clive, the egg has now been eaten by crows! I believe that when an Osprey returns to this nest they will chase off the geese. No Osprey has claimed this as their territory yet, which is why the geese are still around. Soon we will hopefully have an Osprey here who will remain in Manton Bay!

  8. Carol

    at 18:55 there are 2 crow like black birds on the nest, i think they just ate the egg, so no more goose egg, can anyone confirm the goose egg is now gone, many thanks, carol

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      Hi Carol, yes the goose egg has been eaten by two crows.