The calm continues

Another relatively normal day in the Bay today! This is what we want! It may be too late for these eggs, then again it may not. Nevertheless, it is encouraging that 28(10) returned to the nest and did not abandon it altogether. This means that he has bonded with Maya and the nest, and knows what his responsibilities are.

If 28 had not returned to the nest, then it would surely have failed. His reappearance brings with it the last vestiges of hope that one or more of these eggs will hatch. It may be false hope, but we do not yet know. Is it better to keep hoping, and risk disappointment, or is it better not to expect anything, and maybe get a nice surprise? Who knows the answer to that question, however, for me personally, there is no suppressing that little bit of optimism, and I cannot help but hope.

28(10) has returned with a renewed sense of what is expected of him. He brought Maya a fish last night, and he brought her another this morning, at about 07:10. He has taken his turn at incubation, and has been performing this duty as though he has been doing it all his life! As you will see from the photos below, he looks a lot more comfortable on the eggs than he did when they were first laid.

At the moment, 28 has been bringing about one or two fish a day to the nest. At this stage in the season, this is plenty to get them by, as they are not expending much energy. When (or if) there are chicks in the nest, he will need to fish a lot more often, but hopefully his instincts will guide him to do this, as they have been guiding him the right way so far. He is learning fast, and although he had trouble with 33(11) last week, it could have been a lot worse. Just look at who returned the victor, and who has not been seen now for three days.

Incubation changeover, 28 gets down to it

Incubation changeover, 28(10) gets down to it

28 looking very comfortable on the eggs

28 looking very comfortable on the eggs

Maya returns to take over

Maya returns to take over

28 gets ready to fly off

As Maya moves towards the eggs, 28 gets ready to fly off

4 responses to “The calm continues”

  1. Joanna Dailey

    Good to read about calm being sustained. Kielder Osprey Project visitors last week had a great time, thanks to Rutland staff and volunteers. It has been ‘up and down’ since, but even if no egg is viable 28(10) seems to be growing into his role for the future.

  2. scylla

    I’m rooting for him but can’t help worrying that his wonky wing will affect his stamina. However, enough of that! Optimism is the new black 😉

  3. Rosie Shields

    We will never know why 33 gave up, especially as he seemed to be the stronger bird. The more we see, the more questions there are about these magnificent birds

  4. cirrus

    Remembering the LoTL nest last year and how many times both parents left their eggs alone for long periods of time I am believing for a family for 28 and Maya. It’s very encouraging to read about the fish for Maya. Thank you for the Blog