The end of a record season for the ospreys!

Maya and 33 eventually decided that they too must leave Manton Bay and start their migration to their wintering grounds.  They were last seen in Manton Bay on the 2nd of September, but for a while we were unsure as to whether they had departed, or would surprise us with a quick return to their territory before going on their way, this pair often do the unexpected.

33 was keen to defend the nest for as long as possible, he spent a great deal of time bringing in branches as if in preparation for the next season.


This was one of the last shots of the pair on their nest together before they left.

Now that they have gone, we can reflect on what has been a bumper year for The Rutland Osprey Project. 31 ospreys returned to Rutland this season and 10 nest sites produced a record number of 23 youngsters.  056 the third chick from the Manton Bay nest became our 150th fledgling, a fantastic success for the project, now in it’s 23rd year.

2 responses to “The end of a record season for the ospreys!”

  1. Patricia Selman

    How amazing is that Sucha great project

  2. Wendy Lewis Sheehan

    Thank you, Libby, for that information on all the ospreys and their chicks. It has indeed been a wonderful year and many thanks to all the team for all their hard work and updates. Fly high and keep safe all you lovely ospreys. Hope that just as many, if not more, will return next year.